The 9 Best Website Design Trends of 2021

The past year has indeed been quite challenging for almost everyone. Despite the situation, many of us took advantage of our free time and invested in learning something that would prove beneficial for us in the long run.

Based on several studies, many people spent their time learning every new technique and trend that resides or is being applied in website designing. Today, website design is widely known to everyone. It is common knowledge how influential and essential having an impactful website is for any business that wants to strive.

At present, every design element and feature formerly considered modern or innovative is more likely to be perceived as outdated – that’s how much things have progressed in the industry in recent times.

A website holds great importance for a business since if the website design looks obsolete and ignores the essential web standards when the users access your site, your company has a 90% possibility of losing conversions.

The design of your website is one of the main factors for a visitor to prolong and properly go through your content.

Below you will find some pointers that will help enhance your sales regardless of whether you are a newbie or a skilled business owner.

Full-Page Headers

In a single glance on your website, a visitor will come across the website’s header, which makes it an essential aspect to consider as it sets the image for your business. The full-page header is an attractive look and is a website design trend that continues in 2021.

Most websites add information towards the left of the header amongst the other tabs and web pages. The reason to place everything on the left of the website is that readers are often attracted to the content placed towards the left. This is a major reason you will find important things listed towards the left of a website.

It is highly advisable to include colorful images and info about your business in the header so that viewers can attain a vivid and intriguing perception of your website.

Parallax Scroll Effect

The parallax scrolling effect has been trending for years now. The parallax scrolling effect is a website design technique that allows the background of a website to move slower than the foreground when being scrolled. Via the parallax scrolling effect strategy, the 3D effects add depth, creating a higher appeal in the browsing experience for visitors when scrolling across a website.

Adding this effect to your website offers your visitors a newer and unique experience when scrolling. Nevertheless, it is vital to apply the parallax effects appropriately, or negative results can prevail. Since if not implemented correctly, visitors can get distracted from important information.

Furthermore, ensure to keep parallax effects in balance with each other. Other than this, you can include an option to turn off the parallax effects for those users who find the effect inconvenient.

Horizontal Scrolling

Similar to parallax scrolling effects, designers have also begun to experiment with horizontal scrolling. It is a different way to portray a website, and it is a newer way for viewers to get something different from the usual. However, designers who implement horizontal scrolling keep options and navigations easier to browse through the website evading inconvenience.

When adapting horizontal scrolling, designers ideally should add explicit visual representations of the content so that the cues are not hidden behind hovers that create difficulties for the visitors to browse conveniently.

Though horizontal scrolling looks fascinating and adds a unique touch to a website, keeping each important aspect in mind is crucial to provide a positive impact.

Multimedia Experiences

It is prevalent for people to access fast internet in such an advanced and tech-savvy world, allowing multimedia and web experiences to be displayed everywhere.

With visual elements such as texts, videos, and audio used collectively, extraordinary user experiences can be provided to your target audience. However, modern studies have shown that keeping things simple even in combined motion and audio proves much more impactful than overly complicated content.

Sometimes using too many effects at once can be distracting or overwhelming for the audience to view or understand. So it is important to carefully use different media formats to maximize the accessibility of your content, such as including alternative text for images in the descriptive text.

For example, instead of simply playing the video or motion content automatically, you can ideally provide a “Play” button that will allow the user to play and pause the content as per their preference. Various factors must be dealt with adequate measures to attain effective and accessible results from multimedia.


Certainly, it is a misconception that only children enjoy cartoon illustrations, whereas every age group is highly fascinated by them. Likewise, they are found to be intriguing by every age group when displayed on a website. Cartoon illustrations have been in trend for quite a while now.

There is no denying that it requires a lot of creativity since it is not easy at all as the cartoon illustration requires the fun and exciting aspects of the brand/business in a relevant manner.

When integrating cartoon illustrations on websites, it is crucial for designers to skillfully work upon the cartoon characters while portraying a short story that attracts visitors to continue viewing the website.

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